Memorial Items


*(You can opt out of items you do not wish to receive, but the package price will not change)


Acacia Wood Urn Box (Engravable)

This urn is engraved on the top, unless otherwise requested


Graphite coated Wood Urn Box (Engravable)

This urn is engraved on the front unless otherwise requested

Midnight Metal Urn

Biodegradeable Urn 

Blue Pawprint Ceramic Urn

White Metal Urn

Resin Hair Clipping Heart

Using a clump of your pet’s hair, an individual resin heart is made with your pet’s hair and name, and made into a resin heart that can be displayed (comes with a stand).

Clay pawprint

One pawprint is made with your pet’s paw. If no specific paw is requested, we will use whichever paw gets the best looking print. Your pet’s name will also be stamped into the clay, with rainbow bridge hearts arching over the top.  The print will be baked prior to delivery to you, and comes with a stand.

Ink Pawprint

An ink impression of your pet’s paw will be made with every cremation.  

Digital Artwork with your pet's photo (made by PAWSS Watercolor Art)

When you schedule an appointment, please email a high-quality favorite photo of your beloved pet if you would like your pet's photo turned into a watercolor digital artwork.  You will receive the digital file back as an email, from us. You will also receive a small framed photo of the artwork included in a PRIVATE cremation package.

Email photo to: