Aquamation Cremation

What is Aquamation?

        Monarch Veterinary uses an eco-friendly cremation process also known as aquamation, alkaline hydrolysis or green cremation. No fire is used in this cremation process.  A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity are used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials.         

        Remaining after the process is bones, which become the ashes that are returned to the pet's loving family (private cremation), or spread by Monarch Veterinary (communal cremation). This process creates no greenhouse gases and the utilized water  can be safely discharged since it is completely chemical and DNA free.   

         For those interested in more detail of the process, please check out the following links, one made by the manufacturer of the machine we use. The second video is one made by another crematory that just points out step by step how your beloved pet is processed in this way.

1. Video of how the machine works: Behind the Scenes: Alkaline Hydrolysis for Pets - YouTube  

2. Video by Nature's Pet Loss of the steps of the process (NOT our company but the steps are the exact same): Our Aquamation from start to finish at Natures Pet Loss - YouTube