About Me

Dr. Seana Wheatley, DVM

Dr. Seana is a veterinarian who practices only end-of-life care for many species in the Pacific Northwest.  She has experience with pet loss both personally and professionally. She has a real soft spot for geriatric pets and the loving tenderness they require.  Her focus is on creating a peacful and fear-free experience for pets and their parents during this difficult time.  She has worked for other companies in the PNW performing in-home euthanasias since 2018, but only recently started Monarch Veterinary, LLC to be able to bring her own personal touch to the work that she does.  This includes special attention to detail and being able to be the only hands on each pet from the euthanasia to the cremation process and finally to the return of your beloved's ashes back to you.  

Dr. Seana is originally from San Diego, but moved to the Portland area after graduating with her DVM from UC Davis in 2014.  She practiced for years in general medicine and shelter medicine, where she discovered how helping ensure a peacefully passing of a beloved animal the greatest gift she can offer.  

In her free time, she loves exploring the PNW, kayaking,  gardening, spending time with her partner and their 2 dogs, 5 cats, and 2 horses.

Symbolism of Monarch Butterflies

Why I started Monarch Veterinary euthanasia and cremation

This work has truly been a calling and a honor in my life to take on the responsibility of giving pets a way to be at home and pass in the most gentle way possible.  Being there for loving pet parents in their time of grief is another way to support the human animal bond that is so important to us all.  A peaceful euthanasia at home when it is their time is a loving gift we can give to a pet that has given so much love to us. 

When starting my own home euthanasia company, I priorotized the importance of trust between the doctor, crematorium, and loving pet parents.  This led me to also starting an aquamation aspect of my company so that my clients can be assured that their pet is handled from start to finish by one person and always treated in a loving way, from the first communication to when your pet's remains are returned home.  Aquamation, otherwise known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a green environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation. It is the natural process of decomposition, but sped up with chemicals and hot water that immerse the body.  It is a gentle way to get pure ashes back.  These ashes can be buried, spread, or displayed in your home in an urn.  To see another company's (Nature's Pet Loss) lovely youtube video description of the process of aquamation, please click here: Our Aquamation from start to finish at Natures Pet Loss - YouTube 

I also really wanted to be able to make some personal mementoes for every owner that wants them. I love the individual uniqueness of a clay or ink pawprint, each perfectly imperfect.  I enjoy arts and crafts and want people to be able to see their beloved pet's hair in a resin keychain as a way to still have their pet close to them.  These items are included in my private cremation packages.